Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How to:Fill in and highlight your brows

Hi hi,so ive been thinking of doing a series of pictorials just so im not looking fabulous is the first of such and there will be more .So lets get with it..
From L-R: foundation,eyebrow pencil In 003,La girl pro conceal in toffee,spoolie,angled eye shadow brush,round kabuki brush.

Your eyebrows should be brushed out to straighten any curled hairs.
Draw a line underneath your brow following the already existent hairline you have(this should be when your brows have been tweezed,waxed or shaved)

Now brush the top hairs down.This is so important for me because I want to have a smooth area to draw in that line.I dont want to have hairs in the way as this could make your line very irregular.

Now fill in the upper part of your brows still following your natural hairline or if you are a pro you can create the highest part of ur arch yourself. 

Brush your hairs back in place with the spoolie and fill in with the pencil using light strokes(you dnt want it too dark and unnatural) and leave out the beginning so it has a type of gradient and looks natural.Now we are ready to highlight and clean up the brows.
What I do is brush repeatedly with my spoolie to take out excess pencil and to blend out the lines I have on the brows so it comes out with a smooth finish.

This is the qty of concealer I use and thats because concealer is thick so I dnt need much.Im going in with my angled eyeshadow brush.This is my preference. It varies with individuals. Use what is comfortable for you as long as you get the best results.

I clean out all the stray pencil and then try to blend out those harsh lines as much as I can.

I use my round kabuki brush to completely blend out.

Not forgetting the top.even though im still goin to wear foundation all over my face so that will definitely be blended out.
Brows are done

I hope this pictorial helped.
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sigma Dupe Kabuki Brush Set Review

Hello my people,so this is a review im excited to do and you know why? Its because these items were a steal like "STEAL"  in capital letters.Who doesn't love dupes that are so much like the original.I do!!.
So a while ago I was in need of face brushes *like im never in need* especially since I do all of the contour and highlighting ish and my present brushes weren't meeting up to my expectation so I went on a hunt.First off for my ladies who are just going into the whole makeup thing please do not underestimate the power of the brushes. They are so important you won't believe it till you start using them.I had a student come over yesterday to wrap up her personal training classes and she said she always wondered why her makeup never looked good until I introduced her to good brushes. She's been hooked since then.About this time last year I owned about 10 brushes(my zaron set and 4 brushes from the elf dollar line).Today im proud of the 40 brushes In my personal makeup kit.Im happy they have grown to 4 times d qty in d last year.
PS: i realized in never posted pictures of the brushes and im so sorry but you'll please pardon the fact that they are dirty as i used them for my makeup yesterday and i was after 2-3 uses.

  This happened because I figured out quickly how important brushes are.Not using them is like going to the farm without tools.They are the tools of the game and yes your hands can do a little magic but believe me there is a limit even they can reach.Anyway I hunted this set down and even though I was supposed to get the set of 8(4 face and 4 eye brushes) there was a mixup with the order so I got this one.
I have washed them twice and so far theres been no shedding which honestly I have never experienced with any of my brushes so far because i put in a lot of work to research before I buy.Im not in the business of wasting!
*The bristles are as soft as a baby's bottom seriously.
*They are so dense they pick up product so well which is important for face brushes.
*The handles are very sturdy and a good size and width so you're in control when you use them.
The tapered one took the longest time to dry and thats because the bristles are different from the other 3 definitely because of the way its shaped.

Round Top Kabuki

I love this for powder or foundation but personally I use this for foundation because it feels better in my hands.You can alse use this to blend products on any part of your face. 

Flat Top Kabuki

This can be used to buff and blend foundation.,to apply powder and to blend the whole face as well.
Tapered Kabuki Brush

I love this brush so much because its so different but I use it to set my under eye concealer with my ben nye banana powder.I also use it sometimes to contour the hollow of my cheeks with a bronzer/powder. You can also use this to apply concealer to your under eye area and to blend it out as well.The tapered tip was made to reach those inner corners where a round or flat topped brush wnt reach.

Angled Kabuki Brush

This I love for blending in my under eye concealer. It blends like a dream and doesn't take away too much of the product.Its also really useful for blending in contour in the hollows of the cheeks and the sides of the forehead. 

The thing about this is im pretty sure they work just as good as the sigma ones which i hear cost slightly over $100 because I have seen so many makeup companies that sell these brushes,they just make d handles different then maybe put their logos on the handles and Voila!! It sells for 10 times d original price.Some peoole get so carried away by brand names they end up throwing away so much money but well if you have it to throw away then go on hunnay!!

  I have these for sale on preorder basis and they are N3,500 only just so I dnt get questions about price.I will sell less if you buy 2 sets or more.
Contact: or call 08189604535.

When you see me looking flawless don't say I didn't tell you so.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Makeup:Gold and Pink

Hi guys,I hv a lot of makeup looks to post so be ready.By the way guys I now offer personal makeup shopping services.Some people are so busy that they dont have time to scout for the good stuff and thats where I come in.
So ive had a few clients and really this business was borne out of my passion for everything makeup and shopping makeup is therapy for me.So if you have issues with time or dont know how to start building your personal makeup kit and need help on what to buy and what not to buy contact me on 08189604535 or snd an email to consult depending on skin type,preference etc.Items can be shipped to you as long as you live in Nigeria.Also for makeup services contact me on the above number and email.
To the photos now..
I did this look for church many weeks ago and im starting to really like gold looks..You cant go wrong with them and they pretty much go with many lip colours so I will be wearing lots of gold looks paired with all sorts of lips colours especially since I got my bh cosmetics neutral eyeshadow and blush palette recently.

Mary kay foundation in 600
La girl pro conceal concealer in Toffee for highlight
Ben nye banana powder for highlight
House of Tara Pro powder palette
Black Opal Bronzer powder for contour
Zaron Raspberry blush

Bh cosmetics party girl palette
Sleek bad girl eyeshadow palette
Cherimoya pencil in black
Davis pencil in 018 and 003
Nameless brow powder
Sleek Mascara

Jordana lipstick in plum obsession

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Makeup:Blue and Berry

Hi lovelies,its been a long long time I did a makeup post but really I have done countless looks these past few months and I share a lot of them on my instagram page:@themakeupchiq,so follow me on there..I did this look a few days ago and I was inspired by the fall looks Ive been seeing so thats what this look is about.

Black Opal foundation in hazelnut
Black opal foundation in Nutmeg for highlight
Tara pro powder palette
Black Opal bronzer powder for contour
Blush from the Bh cosmetics neutral eyeshadow and blush palette

Ben bye banana powder to set highlight

Bh cosmetics party girl palette
Bh cosmetics neutral eyeshadow and blush palette
Sleek kohl pencil in black
Davis pencil on 003 for brows
Bh cosmetics camouflage and concealer palette for brow highlight
Red Cherry lashes in 43
Sleek dip it liner

Jordana Lipsticks in Fiesta
Jordana lipstick in plum obsession

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Review:La girl pro conceal hd concealer

Review review!!hi guys,so this review is long overdue cos ive been using this product for so many months now and it hasnt dissapointed me at all.I bought the la pro conceal high def concealer in the shades fawn and toffee and will let you know what I think about this product.
 This is how they came..
 The tube is 0.25oz/8g.
 There was a serious rave about this product and I chose to not be the last and its been worth it.Many people compare this product to mac prolong wear concealers but i can't say because I have never used the mac product.
 The concealer taken without flash.
I use toffee for my highlight when I wear it on top of my foundation but when I decide to wear concealer under my foundation I use fawn and thats because fawn has yellow undertones and can be very light while toffee has like peachy undertones and it suits me just right.
Taken with flash.

This concealer has a great consistency. It is just the right amount of thick and thats my personal opinion.A little also goes a long way.For the price this is a steal and ive been using mine for about 2mnths or more and I haven't purchased any new tube yet.
How I wear my concealer to highlight most days

 Where can I buy?Poise in Ikeja City Mall

Price:Ranges from N1000-N1500

Will I repurchase:yes please. .
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