Sunday, 13 April 2014

DIY: Homemade Makeup brush spray cleaner

 Hi Guys,how was the weekend?so sad it has come to an end but we still have to push forward.So today I was going through my Bobbi Brown makeup manual and i got to the part where she talked about brush cleaning and how your brushes can last you for years if you take proper care of them.It then dawned on me that i din't have a makeup brush spot-on cleaner(a cleaner you can use immediately after brush use and won't require washing and laying out to dry).

Usefulness of spot-on cleaning

  1. It helps you disinfect your brushes,cleans them and gets them ready for use the next time.
  2. You clean and store almost immediately (maybe a little air-drying but never for long)
  3. It saves you time even though regular washing is needed depending on how much use you have gotten out of your brushes.
After reading through so many ingredients of home made brush cleaners,i improvised and worked with things readily available in my home.

  • Mc Dowell's whisky(available alcohol)
  • Virgin Olive oil
  • Water
  • Vo5 Conditioner(kiwi lime squeeze and lemongrass extract)
  • Organic Olive oil Shampoo
  • Spray bottle(Victoria's secret fragrance mist)
  • Plastic plate and plastic spoon for mixing

Functions of each ingredient

Alcohol:Disinfects and helps the brushes to dry as the contents evaporate quickly without you having to dry.
NOTE:It should be in little quantity so your brush bristles don't end up brittle

Conditioner:Keeps brushes supple and in good condition.
Olive oil:Acts as a bond breaker and weakens the bond formed from any left over makeup on your brushes.
Shampoo:This cleans it but because its used in little quantity it doesnt foam so much and so you dont have soapy brushes.
Water:This acts as a base and neutralizes the effect of any excesses. 
Spray bottle:store for the cleaner

How I use:
Get a wash cloth with great absorbing quality.
Spray the cleaner on your brush.
Rub your brush back and forth till that portion of the cloth is covered in leftover makeup.
Do the same thing on another clean area.
Do repeatedly till  you don't see any residue.

End Product:I used this immediately after I was done and it worked so well,my brushes were dry  and i just put them back into the brush roll.Its better than wiping the brushes vigorously on a dry cloth as you can make your brushes wear on time and also change shape.

Rough Percentage Estimate
Olive oil-10%

Cost-0 Naira

Hope you love it.
Will you try this?

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Oversized Slouchy Prints

Hi loves, how has the week been going? Well mine has been a lot less stressful because my little madam is on holidays so I dont have to wake up at 6am anymore.Ive been watching my series all week.I hope I have "gladiator in suits" lovers.OMg! Scandal really was scandalous last week.Cant wait for this weeks episode.So consider my watching it handled if you get my drift.I love Olivia Pope and oh how I love those prada bags she carries.I dnt think I have seen her carry any other designer.
 So anyway, back to the matter I wore this to see my mum last week and because the weather has been crazy hot it doesnt call for too much fuss when dressing up-as you can see I left my wig on my wig stand at home, no time abeg.

So I had to do a semi tuck in the front because as much as I love this shirt its 2 sizes big but I love the prints on it so I cdnt pass on it.Best way to wear a big shirt.
This shirt I wish I could wear everyday cos d fabric is so breathable and the fact that its big did me good.
When you have nothing to do with your hand.
Yes I have lashes on.Im quick becoming a fan.
Top:papaya (thrifted)
Sandals:steve madden
Earrings:street vendor

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mini Haul:24 piece Brush Set

hi guys,how has the weekend been?Its monday tomorrow and  i wish you guys a fruitful week ahead.So i have been looking to buy an affordable yet quality brush set with a vast number of brushes i can  use for so many purposes.I had my eyes on so many like this ones below.
elf studio collection brush set

real techniques core collection by samantha chapman
bh cosmetics 36 piece brush set

I was looking for something budget friendly and easy on my pocket so i went to youtube and google to search.I somehow came across this Makeup for you brush set and looked for reviews on it.I dnt see it on any blog apart from amazon after a thorough search and then just 2 reviews on youtube and i watched them and was highly impressed.I have never heard of this company at all and so i was a little skeptical.I now went on to read the amazon reviews and i was still impressed except the fact that people complained of the smell coming from the brush roll which i think is something that can be handled.Other than that the reviews on the brush quality was great so i decided to woman up and buy them.I did and i love this brushes so so much.They were just how they lookd[ed on the website and i have tried a few of them and i really love the outcome.As i get more use out of of them i will work on a youtube review video.
the roll up bag

opened up full view

washed and ready for use

 I had to wash them cos they had this factory smell.So i used dish washing liquid with a little bit of olive oil.I love this brushes and they also have the functions labelled on them even though i will use them my way but its a guide for beginners.I think every woman should have a reasonable amount of brushes in her makeup set for various purposes.It might not be as many as 24 but the basics which i think personally would be:
  • The concealer Brush
  • the powder brush
  • The eyeshadow brush
  • The blending brush
  • The blush brush
  • The stipple brush
What brushes do you think are most important?

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Cheechee Cooks:Beans and Plantain Porridge

Hello lovelies,so its been a while since i last did a cheechee cooks post but well here i am.So ill just say one thing and i might have said it before but let me say it again,i'm not the best cook there is and i dnt do cooking according to the books because i don't think there is a right way to cook.Its just about what works for you and how comfortable you feel doing it.So please i dnt want hateful comments like i get sometimes,anyone who wants to read or watch a better way to cook there is youtube and other blogs so if you dont appreciate it just close the page.Thanks.
  *phew* So guys,i made this a while ago and i do mainly beans and fried plantain but i had plantain that was getting too ripe at home and decided to do a porridge instead.

  • Brown Beans
  •  Palm oil
  • Crayfish
  • Maggi
  •  Salt
  • Ripe plantain
  • Ground dry yellow pepper
  • Onions 
  • Ground tomatoes and pepper
Procedure in Pictures
plantain and sliced onions

salt,maggi,pepper and crayfish

ground tomatoes and pepper

i have put in just onions and water into the beans and set it on the fire

plantain is diced

beans is almost cooked soft

water is almost dry and beans is soft

i now put in my crayfish,palmoil,maggi,salt,ground tomatoes and pepper,ground dry pepper.

i stir in my ingredients and leave on the fire for about 15minutes

i put in my plantain and leave for 2-3 mins.
food is cooked and ready to be served

Do you cook yours any differently?Let me know in the comments section below.
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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lipstick Obsession

Hi guys,yay to me for being so regular with posts.So very recently Ive been into lipsticks and i decided to post photos of the times i wore some new ones i got just in case anyone comes across them lol..*just an excuse to post right?*So here are photos with 6 of my recently favorite lippies.Btw you can trust that this lipsticks serve me well.They are all very pigmented and feel good on my lips.
 Black Opal-wine not:This is a plum kind of shade and it appears darker than it looks in the photo.I love the colour payoff only that its too moisturizing and so it kind of shifts and makes that dreaded demarcation we all hate.

Jordana-Pink lustre:This shade is so beautiful.i call it the nicki minaj pink cos its so bright and out there.It appears matte and feels a little bit matte but not too drying.Its just the right feel for me even though its not from their matte line.
 Jordana-Poppy pink:This shade is like a mix of fuschia and purple.Its from their matte line so it is matte and a little drying but not something difficult for me to handle with a little lip balm.

 NYX bloody mary:This is matte and an amazing lipstick.Its not too red but its just the right shade of red if you want to break out in your first red lippie.Its so good on my skin tone and never looks too loud.
Nicka k-Deep Garnet:
This doesn't come in regular lipstick tubes,it comes in a roll up tube so u turn the bottom and the gloss  comes out from like tiny pores on the top.Its very glossy buy stays on for so long and fills all the tiny lines on my lips so it appears very smooth.Its like a mix of chocolate brown and a little black.

Neutrogena-Black Cherry Bloom:This lipstick i bought on a trial and error basis but im glad it turned out well and really wowed me.I never wld hv thought of buying a neutrogena lipstick but i tried and i dont regret it. Its like regular pink but its so smooth and i never saw cracks all through the 6 hrs i wore it for.Its amazing.Its just the right amount of moisturizing without using lipbalm.

What colour amongst this 6 is your favourite?
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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Colour me red

Hi lovelies, so im here again.2nd post in a day.Praise God for me.I think sometimes I get blogger fever and as much as i love my blog and posting I just cant fight the laziness.Another thing is when i use blogger from my phone my rants must come first and then pictures next.I cant tag my pictures with words so its annoying and its just easier to blog on d move with my phone but ill try to make do anyway.So I went out briefly and this was what I wore.Just like my blog name I like to always be comfortable.To me fashion shdnt be pain and that is my opinion.I wore this coral low wedges with my red shirt top and khaki green pants n I was just good to go.Im delving into coloured pants and so I decided to start with light colours before I go into hot shades n then goes.
PS:if u like my wig snd me a mail. (
face of that day


Liebster Awards 2014

Hi lovelies,how have you guys been?..I know,i know i've been MIA and im sorry but i wont promise to be regular till im really sure i will be.So i've been nominated for the liebster awards.yay! Its an online award for bloggers with less than 200 followers created to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere.I want to thank Uju of Ethniques by Uju


1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
2. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post 
3. Answer 11 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you.
4. Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, which have less than 200 followers
6. Create a new list of questions for the bloggers you nominated to answer.
7. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.
1.I'm a nail biter.Its an addiction ive been fighting so long to stop.*suggestions are needed on how to pls*
2.I'm a neat freak to the core,my husband can't stand me sometimes.
3.I love good food and i can make so many mean dishes.
4. I love makeup and the love is real.
5.Little things make me cry.
6.I'm a budget chic.I buy items that are beautiful,affordable and still of great  quality.
7.I have top notch organisation skills.Don't mean to be vain but its the truth.*winks*
8.My memory is one of a kind.I hardly ever forget stuff except I decide to.
9.I love taking photos,I hold myself from posting any and everything on instagram just so i dnt seem crazy.
10.I love tv like crazy.I can watch for 24hrs even when my eyelids are closing.
11.I can hardly be without my phone.(gatta be in the know)

1.In one sentence tell me about yourself.
-I'm a fun-spirited,open-minded,emotional and a rule my world kind of girl.

2.How do you get photographers to take your pictures for your blog.
-Its always my brother or my husband.Although the former takes better pictures because he's so patient

3.What do you like about blogging?
-I love the whole networking,ive learnt so much from blogging,stalking blogs and also the few time ppl recognized me along the way as a blogger.

4.What is your fashion fetish?(a fashion item you cant do without and always carry around)
-hmm,my makeup bag goes everywhere and in a smaller purse my lipstick, compact powder and a large powder brush.
5. What is the most expensive fashion item you have ever gotten for yourself/
-a pair of asos shoes
6. Who is your celebrity crush?
-Dwayne "the rock" Johnson.
7. Where is your dream travel place?
8.What do you like about your country?
-We have reasonable weather conditions and no serious natural disasters.
9.Most embarrassing moment 
-Can't remember seriously.

10..What book have you read that impacted you?
The Lady,Her Lover and Her Lord by T.D Jakes
11. .Whats your favorite television station?
-E!  anytime,anyday,anywhere :-)
1.What is that food you can eat all day long?
2.Alcohol or Ice-Cream
3.If you are to meet your very educated and fashionable mother-in-law for the very first time what will you wear?
4.What is your dream job?
5.What is the most expensive item you've gotten for yourself or as a gift?
6.Makeup or Clothes
7.If you have a chance to meet and spend a full day with a hollywood personality who will it be?
8.What is that dream item or accessory you one day wish to own?
9.What genre of music is your preference?
10.Dresses or pants
11.What is your typical go-to outfit?

 Fola of Fola's oasis
thats it guys..
thanks for checking in.xoxo

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Easy Comfy Chic:A Modcloth Polyvore Challenge

easy comfy chic

Pointed toe pumps

Navy necklace

Cocktail jewelry

Band ring

Oversized hat

  Hi lovelies,How has the week been so far?hope good? So a stylist from Modcloth  contacted me and asked if i would love to partcipate in the modcloth polyvore weekly challenge.I was really happy that they noticed my blog i must say so i said yes of course.I did a look for just me.This look is totally something i will wear if im out with my husband or with friends.Its a look that can be easily transformed from day to night without to much fuss.I always like a pop of colour and cobalt is still in.I also like to mix neutrals with prints and that pop of colour so you don't look like you are doing too much or too little.I especially love the hat,it makes a statement and makes the outfit really different than it would have been if it wasnt there.
  At the end of the week a winner will be chosen so tell me in the comment box what you think of my look and if you would wear it.Good thing is all these pieces can be gotten at and the dress comes in various sizes.Love you guys.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Cropped:Sunday Best

Hi guys,how was the weekend?Mine was cool,went to church for an overnight vigil on Friday  and had little sleep on Saturday and then went to church today Sunday and this is what i wore.Tomorrow is Monday and school starts for my baby and so mummy can have a little ''me-time''.I love cropped pants and so i decided to wear this one i got not too long ago with this blouse ive worn on the blog before and then paired with my beloved and very comfy satin shoes.Ive been doing dark colors cos i have added an annoying amount of weight that im trying to burn and i hope i do soon.Hope you guys achieve all you want to this new week.

a selfie never hurts
top-Indigo boutique
cropped pants-denim co
lipstick-sweet kiss by zaron

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