Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Review:La girl pro conceal hd concealer

Review review!!hi guys,so this review is long overdue cos ive been using this product for so many months now and it hasnt dissapointed me at all.I bought the la pro conceal high def concealer in the shades fawn and toffee and will let you know what I think about this product.
 This is how they came..
 The tube is 0.25oz/8g.
 There was a serious rave about this product and I chose to not be the last and its been worth it.Many people compare this product to mac prolong wear concealers but i can't say because I have never used the mac product.
 The concealer taken without flash.
I use toffee for my highlight when I wear it on top of my foundation but when I decide to wear concealer under my foundation I use fawn and thats because fawn has yellow undertones and can be very light while toffee has like peachy undertones and it suits me just right.
Taken with flash.

This concealer has a great consistency. It is just the right amount of thick and thats my personal opinion.A little also goes a long way.For the price this is a steal and ive been using mine for about 2mnths or more and I haven't purchased any new tube yet.
How I wear my concealer to highlight most days

 Where can I buy?Poise in Ikeja City Mall

Price:Ranges from N1000-N1500

Will I repurchase:yes please. .
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Being About Me Tag

Hi people,ive been away too long. Ive been lazy/busy/occupied with tv/being a mummy and wife. I have so many posts that need to get up here and im workin on that.So many reviews especially as ive bought  a lot of makeup over the last few months.I was tagged to do this ages ago by the sweet Ugo of The beautiful eagle.So lets get to it.

1.Are you named after someone?
No im not

2.When was the last time you cried
I cry most times when I pray cos im just so thankful and...u get it.

3.Do you have kids?
Yes I do,a daughter.

4.If you were another person would you be a friend of yourself?
I will,I love honest and open friendship and im that kind of friend.

5.Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Omg! Yes. .Makeup,makeup and makeup.

6.Do you love handwriting?
I always have even though mine is not impressive but my husband's is the best ive seen.

7 . What's your favourite cereal?
My daugher's fruit and

8.What's the first thing you notice about people?
Men-Shoes and nails

9 . What's the colour of your eyes?

10.Scary movie or happy endings.
Scary please

11.Favourite tv show
-Steve Harvey show everyday

12.Summer or winter
Summer*do ppl prefer winter*

13.Hugs or kisses
Well kisses from the hub.

14.Do you have any special talent?
Im extremely organized to the core.Dunno if it counts as one.

15.Where were you born?
Lagos Island

16.What are your hobbies?
Cleaning,organizing,watching movies with my husband and I love to read women-empowerment books.

17.Do you have any pets?
Yes I do(2Alsatians and a pitbull)

18.Favourite movie
Hmmm.all tyler perry movies except the one he was a detective,can't remember the name.

19.What colour is your car?
When it comes it will be black.

20.What do you want to be when you grow up?
Lol.Im grown mehn but im some years a business mogul..

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Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Power of the Mascara

  Hi darls,happy new August. I saw on my bbm what someone put together for August (ask until God unveils something tangible).I like that so cheers to the rest of a peaceful and blessed year.
This post is for my ladies who feel like makeup is a lot of work.Im just here to tell you that there are a few quick solutions.Flashback to when I was in the university, I have always loved makeup from my secondary school days so its not a new thing but the one thing I spent on from my little pocket money was a good mascara.The first brand I ever got was Sleek and ive used more of their masaras than any other brand, from their lash out to volumnizing to waterproof I tested them all and they NEVER EVER disappointed me.

I have used a few other brands like Maybelline, Revlon and Tara Orekelewa and they were pretty good as well although I will also like to give a shoutout to the popular blue mascaras many of us used in secondary school and even after *side eye* dont lie.I used them and I was hooked till Sleek came into my life lol.With mascaras you get a face lift and it's easy to apply once you've mastered it.

  For me, I recently got into trying to wear falsies because they make my makeup look a lot more glamorous.Back when I dint wear falsies which till now many days i go without falsies I just use my powerful mascaras. If im asked that on thing i cant do without on a day out-if I had to choose one item from my makeup bag it will be my mascara. I can deal with scanty brows, uneven skintone, no eyeliner but please let me wear my mascara and this is what i love, each to his/her own.Whether you have scanty, full or almost no lashes at all a good mascara will definitely make a difference.Heres what my eyes look like with 2 of my favourite mascaras.

Right now I have 3 mascaras but i used just 2 in this post.
-Sleek Waterproof Mascara for lengthening and volumnizing
-Revlon Luxurious Lengths for lengthening
-Maybelline Colossal Volume for volumnizing.
Depending on your type of lashes you might need to curl with an eyelash curler just to lift them and give them a curve before you choose from if you want them to look fuller or longer or both.
I think the wands and liquid are the real deal but I also feel the wands are the most important abd thats because I remember using really cheap mascaras that still gave my eyelashes a serious lift-you just need to know how to werk it!
None of these mascaras cost over
 N1,500 but some stores will go way above regular price but nothing more than N2,500 and thats for the harsh
Please get a good mascara today.

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How I wash my beauty blender

Hello my people, so many of us have jumped the beauty blender bandwagon.Well I have, I jump on wagons that are affordable for me and that serve a good purpose so yes!! When I got my beauty blender it was for the purpose of blending my under eye concealer and blending foundation into those hard to reach corners of my face where my brush is a tad big to go.

I usually wash it with my hair shampoo and most times because the products have really soaked in I wont be able to get it all out so i just leave it as it is.One day after taking out my makeup, I used my scrub on my face to take out what was left and it occurred to me that because of the grains/seeds I could use it on my blender.

I did that immediately.I used a little shampoo first and water to wash for the first time then after squeezing a little bit I poured the scrub on it and with a massaging motion I kept rubbing it all over the blender.I could see all the product come off but i kept at it till i was sure there was no more product left.I rinsed and I cant tell you how happy i was, my blender was as clean as new and it smelled nice too.
I just had to share.I discovered this about an month ago and I decided to share now cos I kept postponing.

Let me know when you try this.
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Review:Milani Eyeshadow Primer

  Hi there, yet another makeup product review.I need to do a haul video or something.Will work on that, as soon as I get a good camera*rolling my eyes*(same story, different day).Hopefully soon I will.So the more I get into makeup and the more I evolve in that area I understand the usefulness of many products some will take for granted. I've been wanting to try an eyeshadow primer for the longest time and so while hunting on some makeup websites I came across the milani eyeshadow primer.I immediately went over to YouTube to check reviews and they were good.

For my ladies who don't know an eyeshadow primer helps keep your eyeshadow in place for a long time and helps so it does not crease.It also makes your eyeshadow pop a little more than it would if you were not wearing a primer.
This one comes in the shade 01- nude and is in a grey 9ml tube with a black cover.
The applicator is just like the mary kay oil mattifier I reviewed here so you have good control of the product.

 It says to apply to clean, dry lids.Blend well from lashline to brow.Allow to set for 30 seconds and that is exactly what I did.My eyeshadow stayed in place for a little over 8 hrs, it dint crease or move.It was just as I applied when I left home.

Will I buy this again? Yep..
Get it here and here

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