Wednesday, 1 April 2015

DID YOU KNOW? 3 Ways to tell if an egg is bad

 Halos!!This post is so necessary and its done out of my frustration while making breakfast few days ago.I honestly have never had an idea on how to check if an egg is bad or old.I for the first time bought a crate of eggs and half of them were bad.I made the mistake cos i usually buy from someone else but she wasn't out when i went to the market so i patronized someone else and the result is what i got when i cracked the eggs open.The foul smell i will never ever forget and i kept thinking how about if i had boiled it instead of frying.Would i have known?
Well i hope these are helpful tips but i recommend buying from someone who its obvious has new batches instead of those ones with scanty looking crates or different sizes of eggs in the same crate.Can you tell i'm venting?Ive forgiven her but i will not forget to remind her when next i enter that market.
So first tip..

LET'S TALK:Are Nigerians purposely doing this or are they just ignorant?

  Hello and Welcome to a new reign!So we have a new president,everybody is now counting down to when the changes will start.Let's hope the seat hurts his bum so much the change will start taking effect asap.So you know what birthed this post?It's piled up irritation from  the things i experience in Nigerian markets,stores and just everywhere..

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My Wishlist 2015: Makeup,Tech..others!!

How you doing? *in my wendy williams voice.I know we all have those things we hope to own soon or someday no matter how big or how small so i put together my list.I haven't done a wishlist post in ages and God knows this one is just one tenth of the original wishlist *covers face-its not "ojukokoro",its just that there are so many beautiful things in this life,what can one do?
but let's discuss the ones i put together.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

LET'S TALK: is life a competition or a race?

Hello my people,we are talking today.Today's post of course if you've been on my blog long enough you'll know it's a lot different from my regulars and honestly I have a lot to say on this.I was considering doing a youtube video just so i can talk it out but i changed my mind.I'll keep it short and sweet anyway!!lol..
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