Thursday, 24 July 2014

Review:Milani Eyeshadow Primer

  Hi there, yet another makeup product review.I need to do a haul video or something.Will work on that, as soon as I get a good camera*rolling my eyes*(same story, different day).Hopefully soon I will.So the more I get into makeup and the more I evolve in that area I understand the usefulness of many products some will take for granted. I've been wanting to try an eyeshadow primer for the longest time and so while hunting on some makeup websites I came across the milani eyeshadow primer.I immediately went over to YouTube to check reviews and they were good.

For my ladies who don't know an eyeshadow primer helps keep your eyeshadow in place for a long time and helps so it does not crease.It also makes your eyeshadow pop a little more than it would if you were not wearing a primer.
This one comes in the shade 01- nude and is in a grey 9ml tube with a black cover.
The applicator is just like the mary kay oil mattifier I reviewed here so you have good control of the product.

 It says to apply to clean, dry lids.Blend well from lashline to brow.Allow to set for 30 seconds and that is exactly what I did.My eyeshadow stayed in place for a little over 8 hrs, it dint crease or move.It was just as I applied when I left home.

Will I buy this again? Yep..
Get it here and here

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Review:Mary Kay Oil Mattifier

Hi guys, so I want to do a review on a product i absolutely love and it gives me joy that I can wear my makeup for long hours without shining in some areas on my face.Its the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier.
What Mary Kay says: This lighweight formula dries to a natural, matte finish and controls shine for at least 8 hours.Apply sparingly on shine-prone areas after moisturizer.Allow to dry.Reapply as needed.
My honest opinion:This is a great product.Ive been putting it on hold for the longest time because I wasnt sure it was going to work for me (believing I had the oilest face on earth).I had to  buy it when I got tired of looking for solutions and I refused to jump on the Milk of Magnesia wagon after I read some side effects it could bring.It is lightweight as the pack says which is so important because we I still have sunscreen,foudation, concealer and powder going on the same face so I don't need a heavy product at all.

 Its a pearly-pink 17ml tubed product and has a pointed tip so you can control quantity.A little is required.I personally apply a little all over then let it dry and then I go in once more on my t zone and cheeks because those are the parts where I shine the most.
 I wore this from 12 noon till 8pm and my makeup stayed on like a dream.I was shocked when I kept checking and I wasn't getting oily.Yes, when it got  hot and sweaty I had sweat but once I dabbed with a handkerchief I din't find any oil on my face.
It is whitish when applied but blends out to a smooth colourless finish and becomes matte.*please dont mind my picture above, I was in a hurry *
 Another thing is its really affordable for me. (I cant speak for everyone).
Price:N1500/$10 approx.
 Will I buy this again?
Yes ke!! And again and again.
Where I got this from :A store near my house.Its pretty popular.

Hope this helped?
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My Little Makeup Organization

 Hi my people, long time no to let you in on one random fact about me-im organized to the core.Its difficult for my husband to keep up but we work things out.Ive always wanted to have a vanity table but when we moved into the home we live in now, it totally skipped my mind to make something for just my stuff.A few days ago I decided that doing my makeup comfortably was going to bring me joy and so I got to work.
This transparent container I got from my fridge.When we bought it, I dnt notice it as first till after a year and it was just occupying space so I turned it to this.I store my foundations, concealers, blushes, lashes; eyebrow kit etc here.
  I took an old table I had, layered a net cloth on it and then made my own home storage.This cost me nothing but I wont be putting the table up because it needs to be re-sprayed and I need to make a stool.Some pictures of my home storage ideas.
I also got this lovely jar/glass pot from my mum (im in trouble o) hmm..She dint know .lol.I store my regular face brushes here.Still going to figure out something for my eye brushes and lip brushes.

So I want to ask if u take something from your mum without her permission is it called I took this ice cream bowl from her house.She has a lot of nice china and glasses and she doesnt use them.I think some women are obsessed with their dishes and plate sets..I just hope she doesnt notice when she comes to my house*fingers crossed.So I store my blender, wedges and my eyeshadow primer here.

This is my old microwave rotating glass(very useful) so i put junk to use..I have my perfumes,a beetle piece my hubby bought for me years back,my face wipes,hand mirror,some palettes and dirty brushes yet to be washed.
This is an old sweet box ive had for a while.It stores the lipsticks and other lip products I use very often, mostly my newest lipsticks that im still crazy about till the craze wears down.
I took a few necklaces and hung up just so my wall is not plain.Im still going to get frames for that space.
I made this frame myself.I just took an old frame.Cut out a few things I love and stuck them up.Decorated the corners and put that material and tied it into a bow..

These are pretty cat face mugs I got a while ago. I use them to store my eye and Lipliners, mascaras, and tweezer.

I now need a lovely stool even though this is close to my bed and I sit comfortably to do my makeup, I just want to complete the whole look, I will also get a magnifying table mirror and then ....I dont know, when I see anything I like I will definitely add.

So thats it..My little heaven, how do you store your makeup especially if you are a makeup lover like me.
There will be lots of adjustments with time and I will definitely update.
Till then enjoy your week.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review:Milani colour Statement Lpstick-Violet Volt

Hello guys, just want to do a very quick review on this pretty lipstick I got some days ago.Its from the milani colour statement line and as much as I love many of the other shades this one stood out and I don't have a shade like it.

It comes in a smooth golden coloured tube that picks up fingerprints too easily (im not bothered though).The bottom is made of a plastic material that has the colour of the lipstick so you have an idea what colour it is before you buy even though the bottom doesnt tell you if its creamy, matte, semi-matte etc.It is a purple metallic lipstick.
It has a metallic shine to it and its creamy and glides on well and the colour payoff is not bad at all.Although to get the look I want which I will show you in this post I had to apply many more times.

It also smells like watermelon but the scent isnt overpowering.
It lasted about 3-4hours on my lips the day I wore it out and I dint moisturize before applying.It also has a strong blue undertone so it isnt bad for women of colour.

Thats the quick look I did to show off the lipstick.
Please ignore the visible concealer lines under my brows.I just did this face to show you what the lipstick looks like.
What do you think? Will you buy this lipstick or is it out of your comfort zone.

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lady-Like Lace

  Hi darlings,as many of you who frequent the web regularly will know the lace has been everywhere and as much as im not a strict follower of trends i love this one because its so not me but i can try it without a fuss.So one of the greatest features of Lace is that it can be styled to look super-sweet, by pairing soft and flowy silhouettes with delicate accessories; or it can be styled to look edgy and sharp, by matching bolder cuts of fabric with heavy-metal inspired accessories.I will definitely go for edgy because im not a sweet,girly-girly dresser.

stella of jadore fashion

stella of jadore fashion

  The lace skirt can work for different styles:

-The Look You Want: Classic Girly-Femme
How to Get It: Go for a Lace dress or skirt in a classic cut and a neutral color, and pair them with simple and understated accessories. If you choose a Lace skirt, a neutral blouse looks the most sophisticated. There is nothing more lady-like than a little white lacey dress. So pretty.

-The Look You Want: Fashion-Forward
How to Get It: Go all-out and rock head-to-toe Lace to really make a fashion statement. Not everyone can pull-off this look, but if it feels right to you – go for it! This look says that you’re on-trend and super-confident. Just make sure to keep your accessories simple (or non-existent!).

-The Look You Want: Rock Star
How to Get It: Lace and Leather. Leather pants or a leather skirt with a Lace top is always hot and of course the leather will make you hotter during the hot months literally .lol. Lace short-shorts and a fun top, and a leather jacket is also hot .

-The Look You Want:Easy Chic(thats me)
How to Get It: Pair your lace shorts or high waist lace skirt with a light loose sweater or a loose crop top.Accessorize with a statement necklace and you are good to go.Not too shabby.

SIDE TIP:i plan on buying any lace material of my choice(probably guipere lace) and in a colour i love and ask my tailor to sew me a high waist pencil skirt.That makes it so much easier to choose something i want.
Do you love this trend and will you try it?

Images gotten via and Pinterest

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Glowy Gold

Another beauty post...someone is vexing so i did this few days ago and just want to share.Please leave me comments,i love them.
Many times constant practise is the key to perfection. Im talking to my makeup addict self.

house of tara professional powder palette
Mary kay foundation in 607
La pride makeup blush in a shade that has wiped off.
Ben nye banana powder
La girl hd pro conceal in fawn(for brow highlighting) and toffee (under eye and T-zone)

House of tara trio palette in feroshawa(gold on lid)
Sleek bad girl palette(dark on crease)
Ushas palette (green on bottom lid)
Davis pencil in 018 for brows
Artmatic human lashes

Jordana lipstick in matte 5th avenue
Jordana lipstick in candy pink

Makeup for you
Bh cosmetics

You like the look?

Im enjoying playing with my makeup so much these days.Makeup is fun .

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen this already.If you aren't please do  @thecomfychic

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cobalt is the new black

Hello my people,Hw are you guys doing? Sure some people are prepping for the weekend.Well my weekends are pretty much same as the weekdays so no biggies.Anyway during the week I went to see my mum and I remember when the coloured jeans trend came out I wasnt a fan.I thank God I dint swear never to wear one *sigh of relief* but when I saw this cobalt jeans my "out of comfort zone side " said try it and I bought it *tada*, it wasnt as bad as I thot.
Can you tell the sun was at its was hottt!!
 By the way the post title is inspired from the series "orange is the new black".Im totally in love with it.For anyone who watches it who is your favourite character? Mine is pousse (serious love for her)
 I dnt know what style this blouse is but I like the whole billowy thing.I know its not batwing so if you know help me out please.
Top:sophie gray
Sandals:steve madden
Bag:david jones

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Review:Elf flat top powder brush

   Hi lovelies,im here with this review ive been itching to do and im so glad im finally doing it.  Sometime ago I came across a you-tuber who used a certain elf brush and swore by its awesomeness.

I went on to search for it and to also do an 'investigative hunt' for reviews and videos and all of them had good things to say about this brush  Fast forward to now i received mine from and i was pretty excited to try it.
LETS REVIEW IT:By the way all opinions are mine.If you feel differently about this brush then this is my own take on it.

What Elf says:This Taklon  brush can be used with wet or dry products.Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this Elf studio brush.-Creates a professional sculpted look
-Full coverage colour
-Use with powder or blush for perfect contouring

What Cheechee says:-I used this brush for my mary kay liquid foundation and also for my house of tara powder and it came out FL-AW-LE-SS.I loved the application as it was so smooth and there were no streaks of product. Its a lovely brush.
-It is also very face friendly so you dont have to cringe when using it.
-It blends out everything evenly
-It is very dense all through (middle and around)I only noticed that it wasnt cut equally because some bristles were longer than others but apart from that everything else was perfect.

You can also use it to blend out harsh lines from your under eye concealer so it blends with the rest of your face.

RATING-I will give this brush a 9/10 and  that onemark is"teachers mark"(my naija people will get this).The 1 mark is just so the brush doesnt feel too good with and maybe I would have loved if it had a longer stem/handle because thats how I prefer my brushes.

I got this from


Will I purchase this brush again? Definitely, im thinking of buying an extra.Thats how much I love it

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Makeup:Candy Pink

  Halo loves,so i did this look after getting inspired by Dinma of thatigbochick 's Pink Lace post.I love looks like this and i always wanted to do a matchy matchy kind of look but i always put it off but when i saw Dinma's look i was really inspired and did mine right away.The title is inspired by the lipstick I used and even though I have a mix of 2 I used more of the candy pink.


Mary kay medium coverage foundation in 607
House of Tara professional face powder palette
Ben Nye banana powder

Bh party girl eyeshadow palette
Sleek Bad Girl palette(shadow in crease)
Artmatic human hair false lashes
Maybelline Colossal mascara
Cherimoya eyepencil in black
Sleek dip it liner in black

Jordana lipstick in candy pink
Jordana lipstick in Pink Lustre

Davis eyepencil in 018 for Eyebrow

Bobbi Brown blush in Slopes

I enjoyed doing this look and btw my lashes should have been binned.I have reused them about 4 times and because they are very light they just change shape with each wear.

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