Thursday, 28 May 2015

REVIEW:LA Girl flat pigment matte gloss (Secret&Rebel)

Hi ya,I've been away i know.Life just gets to you sometimes.Business,hormones,wife and mummy life are a lot to deal with all at once but anyway let's get to the happy stuff.
Liquid matte lipsticks are so in now and i've never been in a rush to get them.There are all the ones by ABH,La splash,dose of colours and all those brands but as much as i love my makeup,i'm not a brand whore so I buy because there's something spectacular about that item or if i don't own something like it then i'll buy it.
When i started seeing posts of the LA matte glosses i just knew i would look for them online because of course they are an affordable brand so i waited till i spotted them on a Nigerian online store and i had read reviews and seen lots of swatches so i had in mind the 2 shades i din't have something similar to and that would work with my skin tone perfectly and that's how i got the 2 shades i'm about to review.

They come in 16 shades so there are a lot of shades to work for different skin tones.I got them in 2 shades -secret and rebel which i absolutely love and they are very different from any other lipstick shade i own so...WINNING!!
Truth about these products is if you do not like to constantly feel tightness or tugging on your lips then stay away from them.They are quite drying and sticky too but i noticed that these 2 shades apply differently.Secret is more pigmented at the first swatch as you can see in the photo and rebel is quite light you have to really build up the colour before you get a decent amount on your lips.
They also look very different when they are wet,if you are not patient you might start hating them already or wondering why they look different from what you saw elsewhere.Secret looks a little bit like ruby woo once it has dried even though it doesn't look close before drying to a matte finish.
They come in a wide bottle  wider than other matte lip products i've come across.
When i wore rebel out,it was on from about 10am and it started fading at about 4pm and it became very dry and flaky so i wiped it off.I don't think it would have felt good to reapply so i'll advise cleaning off completely  if you can and then reapplying.
 Don't they look different after they have dried matte?
It's advisable to use a lipliner before or after applying but if you have to do this after then make sure to work with a soft lip liner cos the hard ones will come out patchy especially if the lip product  has dried already.
Once i fall in love with another shade.

Thanks for checking in.
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Friday, 22 May 2015


Hellurr! how are ya'll doing? I'm sorry this post should have been up sooner,it's just been a crazy busy week for me coupled with this fuel scarcity thing which just makes life miserable.I don't know what this government expects us to do.If it's about frustrating us they have definitely won but we will definitely be up till the end.
So,yes for the giveaway i told u guys i was going to use a random generator which i did and you will see a screenshot of the name it picked.

Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks for never leaving comments on my other posts but doing so on a giveaway post.I decided i will do another giveaway soon and this will only benefit people that have really been following my blog for  a while.I like this type of giveaway!
Darling winner i will send you a mail with pickup deets and hopefully you reply asap so i know you got it.
Cheers to many more beautiful posts!!
Thanks for checking in.
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Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hi People,yes i know the title right??!!So i started blogging on this same day in 2012.It's been 3 years now and something i started out of sheer boredom has become something i love.I had just given birth and was waiting to be called up for NYSC and i was always going through lots of fashion blogs mostly and then i decided let me even have a place to share what i think .So if you've known me from like 2007 you'll know i'm that girl who wears makeup that doesn't go unnoticed-not drag queen type makeup but pretty well done makeup hence my blog  today.When i started out i did a lot of ootd's *boring ones btw*,i did food posts and a few makeup posts but as i grew i figured out what the blog should be about and i wanted to delve into a lot more.
So thank you to all that have been here,leaving comments,private messages.I do this because I love it.I don't see any greater reason to do so.Cheers to more blogging years & to growth..
So,based on the fact that this is more of a makeup blog and i love makeup,i will be giving away a brush set.Now this brush set caters to all your tiny detailing needs like highlighting your brows/cleaning them up,contouring,highlighting,bronzing,setting and everything about detailing and definition including eyeshadow application.It's a 9 piece set and they are very dense,they do not shed and they are  pretty in a very girly colour as well..
You do not need to follow me on facebook or instagram and all that long story. Well follow me if you love me(@themakeupchiq)! All I need you to do is leave your email address and your name in the comment section so that i can contact you if you win.SIMPLE!
I will use a random generator to select the winner.

1.You have to love me!!lol
2.The winner is responsible for pickup of brushes here in Lagos
3.I will email the winner and if i don't get a response in 3days i will choose another entry.
4.This giveaway will run from today the 13th of May till the 20th of May.
5.Family members and close friends cannot participate.
6.The winner will be announced on the 21st of May.


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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Let's Talk: Feeling guilty for your blessings

Hello people! Did you think i wasn't going to do this? Naa! wasn't going to miss not doing it 2 weeks in a row.So,i'm in my favourite spot in my room,by my makeup table and i flashed back to a few months ago when i learnt my husband's friends wife was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer and when he told me,even though i had never met her or her husband i felt so weak and helpless.I wished there was something i could do.I asked him what questions he asked,how far they had gone to get help.I was just...weak.I went on to research hospitals and organizations that could help them here in Nigeria.I hear she's so into herself and doesn't want to tell her family.I can never imagine what they are going through.
Some other things just pop up in my head and i don't know if its right to start at that moment to compare what you have with that thing the other person is struggling with.I think it happens unconsciously and when i realize it i just shut it out and instead say a little prayer that things go well for them.
I have been at low points in my life when i have felt hopeless and maybe ungrateful for the things I already had and I didn't realize that the sooner you snap out of it and be appreciative and recognize the things you are blessed with everything becomes a tad bit easier.I don't beat myself up about it because i'm perfectly human and i'm allowed to make those types of mistakes as long as i later pull myself out.
I was in a bus the other day when a mallam that polishes shoes passed and begged saying he hadn't eaten that day.I know they don't do that especially not when they are carrying around their means of livelihood.It must have been tough for him to say that.
We have the moral responsibility to be happy but sometimes I feel so blessed I fear something could go wrong.
It's in the little things-just being in a comfortable home,eating a good meal,buying something nice for yourself,being able to afford things that may seem so so irrelevant to someone else like watching YouTube  etc.
So i'm thinking if you're guilty for your blessings does it mean you aren't doing enough?
Is it because you are in a situation where you are supposed to be giving back as much as you are given?
If you read this please let me know if you have gone through the same and do you do anything to make yourself feel better?
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Thursday, 7 May 2015

SULTRY NEUTRAL GLAM For Brown Girls |Video & Photos

  Hi,hi..If you follow me on instagram you would have seen photos of this look already and even though i  was supposed to post this video during the weekend i only just had the time to do so now.   This look is very neutral,brown skin friendly and still has a little bit of oomph with that pop of colour so if you like neutral eye looks you should definitely watch and then maybe take out or add something to suit your style.



Mary kay timewise foundation in bronze 5
Mary kay concealer in bronze 2 to highlight and clean top of brows
LA pro conceal in toffee to clean up brows
Ben Nye Luxury powder in topaz
Covergirl ebony bronzer
Tara Powder palette for contour and to set face
Hard Candy bronzer in heat wave

Bh cosmetics 120 palette(2nd edition)
Coastal Scents revealed palette for inner tear duct colour
Cherimoya kohl pencil
Bee Lashes with duo lash glue
Elf liquid liner
Maybelline volumizing mascara

Brown lip liner
Jordana lipstick in rose lust
Rimmel gloss in endless summer


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