Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Holiday Look 1

Hello ladies and gents if any!.Happy December *says no one when the month is almost ending*
Anyway,im alive and well,you can tell from my instagram.I dont sleep on instagram cos posting is one button away.So I did this pretty look that anyone can wear for the festive parties that will be rolling in anytime soon or are rolling in already..Have people started Christmas parties by the way?I hope you like this look cos it was fun doing it and the outcome was amazingly just what I wanted.

Revlon Colourstay foundation in Capucinno
Covergirl queen collection ebony bronzer to warm up face
Darkest shade from Tara pro powder palette for contour
Mary kay Concealer in Bronze 2 for highlight
Ben nye powder in topaz to set highlight
Tara powder in my shade to set whole face
Elf mist and set spray
Bh cosmetics 24 neutral and blush palette
Bh party girl palette
Maybelline colossal volume mascara
Maybelline colossal kajal
Davis pencil in 018 for brows
Red cherry #43 lashes
Sleek dip it liner in black
Blush from bh palette
Jordana plum obsession lipstick
Jordana poppy pink lipstick
Tara pencil in wine
Rimmel lipgloss in endless summer
Thats it..
If you notice my lips were matte but I later on used my rimmel gloss. You dont have to use exact products. Similar colours will do.

Thanks for checking in and Seasons Greetings..

Friday, 14 November 2014

How to wear Matte Lipsticks on dry/chapped lips

 Hello loves,how has the month of November been going?So I have this very informative post for you guys.All the while ive been wearing makeup i pay close attention to the things i have issues with and always figure out ways to deal with them and make life easier for myself.
  So sometimes people complain about their matte lipsticks being too dry or making their chapped or dry lips so pronounced.Well i just figured out a way to make your matte lip products come out smooth and flawless and this is my method.Been doing this and so Ill show this steps with pictures..Enjoy!
these are my lips and i dont have dry lips but this process works for those with dry/chapped as well as others.

Apply a lip balm all over your lips(i use crazy stick but you can use eos,chapet, maybelline baby lips or even vaseline just as long as it has petrolatum in it).This conditions your lips and softens any cracks or dry patches.
Use your baby wipes or any gentle tissue to gently wipe off that balm.Do so gently.This will help make your lips a little fuller and plump.After taking it off let your lips dry out a little especially if you used baby wipes.
my lips after taking off the lip balm.
now wear your matte lipstick and watch it glide on like a dream without being dry but still maintaining its matte nature..The difference btw wearing a lip balm before your matte lipstick and this method is that with this your lipstick still looks matte but when you go in first with a balm you make your lipstick come out creamy instead of matte so depending on which you want go ahead and choose.
Voila!! End result.Hope you'll try this.
Till my next post

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Vampy Look(Makeup)

I'm on a roll..lol(3 posts in a day).So here are photos of a look i did not too long ago and i posted photos on  my instagram.If ure not following do so if you want to  @themakeupchiq. Ive  been so into dark lipsticks and i dont know when the addiction will stop.I wear them everyday im out and for some people it may be a little too much but for me i say life is too short to wear just nudes and pinks.Im so bored of those shades and i get annoyed by just looking at  the pinks on my dresser.Anyway heres the look i did.I wanted it to look very berry toned and all and heres what i came up with..

Products used
Revlon colourstay in cappuccino
Ben nye topaz powder to set highlight
house of tara pro powder palette to set face
la girl pro conceal in fawn for under eye highlight
Elf mist and set spray
Berry blush from the bh 26 neutral colour palette
Darkest shade in house of tara powder palette to contour nose
black opal bronzer to contour cheeks

bh party girl palette
bh neutral palette
sleek dip it liner
bh concealer and corrector palette(darkest shade to fill brows)
maybelline colossal kajal to line waterline
davis pencil in 003 for brow outline

Jordana fiesta lipstick
Island beauty black raspberry lipstick
tara pencil in wine

thanks for checking in

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Neutral Baby

hi loves,this post has been in my draft for so long so since i have spare time on my hands i decided to post.Ive come across many women that love to go neutral with makeup which i love but i still love colour.I did this look when i was practicing with my Bh cosmetics neutral palette i got a little while ago.Hope you guys love it..

Btw excuse my hair,Ive taken the braids out now.Was so lazy to do so,lol

Products Used
black opal foundation in hazelnut
la girl pro conceal in tofee
ben nye topaz powder to highlight
House of tara pro powder palette to set face and to contour nose
Elf makeup mist and set
Blush from the bh palette

Bh cosmetics 26 eyeshadow and blush palette
sleek dip it liner
davis pencil in 003 for brows
cherimoya pencil in black for waterline
red cherry lashes in 523

*Pls pardon me i cant remember.This has been in my draft for about a month.

thanks for checking in.

Brush Care 101:How to pamper your makeup brushes

Hi guys,so this is a post I haven't done before and I want to share my tips on how to care for your makeup brushes.
image gotten via google

First off is if you love your makeup and your skin you should know its important to keep the tools tht give that face a beat in good order and over the last few years i have learnt and im still learning how to take proper care of my brushes.This is my method it may not be whats best for you but it has worked for me and it still is.
Here are my tips:
1.Wash your brushes when you know they are dirty.I say this because so many times you can use a brush up to 4 times depending on how your applications were and it wont require washing(the product used contributes to this as well).I noticed cream products leave so much on brushes unlike powder and liquid products so once you know you have packed on a lot of eyeshadow,powder,lip products even if its in 1 application please wash so you dont have a build up of bacteria .
image gotten via wikihow

2.Wash with a mild shampoo/dish washing liquid or you can get shampoos made for brushes.Some come in a bar form so that works as well. Add a little bit of olive oil(not too much) to condition the brushes and keep them soft.PS:You can use a spray on brush cleaner if they aren't dirty enough to be washed or if you do not have spare time to do so.

brush cleaners-image gotten via google
If you have so much foundation that won't go off rub inside soapy water and olive oil,wash what you can by rubbing continuously on your palm,dip it again and let it sit for a while with your bristles on the bottom so that water doesn't get into the ferrule to mess up the glue holding those bristles together and then wash again after some time.
Another method of washing is to use a rough surface like a brush or a silicone mitten.There's one sigma makes or you can get any one thats similar from your local store or market.I believe they all work the same .
image gotten via google

3.After washing use your hands to press the bristles together so they remain in shape after they have dried.

image gotten via google
4.Keep the larger ones in a downward position with the bristles on a towel and the smaller ones lying.This helps the bigger and denser ones dry quickly.

 You can also purchase the brush tree..This lets the water drip out of your brushes and makes them dry faster.
image gotten via google
you can buy the brush tree from here

5.Always store them uprightly in a container or brush holder.They are prone to all sorts of wear if you keep them lying around.You could store them in a brush roll bag and keep in a safe place away from pressure of any kind so the bristles don't change form.
Thats the end of my lecture. .Hope you learnt a few.Till my next post..