Friday, 3 July 2015


Halo Chicas,i know i always know..Am I a slacker or what?It's like i haven't blogged in about a month.This look has just been chilling and now im finally posting it,yay!.So i wanted to work with blue-sometimes you just get tired of all the nudes and smokey blacks and all the regulars.
 Is it just me or can i be a black Elsa?-dry joke!!.

I promise you nobody upset me,it was one of those days i frowned more than i smiled.

 My pictures look so washed out because the weather decided to be so gloomy and Lord knows i wasn't going to do a retake on this look..

                                      WATCH VIDEO

Mary kay timewise foundation in bronze 5
Mary kay mattifier
La pro conceal in chestnut+fawn as highlight
Covergirl ebony bronzer to contour
Zaron blush in raspberry
House of tara powder

bee lashes in 747L
Bh cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition
Hegai and esther brow gel
NYX Junbo pencil in milk as base
Milani eyeshadow primer

Jordana lipstick in Rose Lust
Brown lipliner

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Ladies With Big Feet Get In Here!!..

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

10 ways to keep yourself happy | "Husband & Wife edition"

Hello!!So if you don't know this is a lifestyle blog well now ya know!lol!
I'm a happy advocate because honestly sometimes it's the only option we have where all else fails and i like that as much as being happy is invaluable we can create it ourselves.
So my husband and I were having a lazy Sunday just lying in bed watching Gotham and I said let's put together tips on how to keep oneself happy.Even though he was reluctant he gave me tips and all the while not concentrating. lol! We'll get to that.I don't wish to create a comparison between men and women but I've always been of the opinion that women are deeper thinkers than men when it comes to life issues.
Let's get to my tips..
Wife Suggests:
-Surround yourself with things that will lift your spirit.It could be movies,songs you love-kelly clarkson,joe,nickelback,lemar just to name a few do it anyday for me,scented candles.Basically things that interest you and that will brighten your mood should be kept at close range.

-Create your own space:make your own corner -you can call it your shrine,just someplace you can meditate,pray,read the bible or any book of your choice.It will be your happy place.Mine is by my bedside and it connects with my makeup area and where i edit videos,blog and do all my beauty related stuff so i'm pretty happy there.Put up frames of things you love.I love nature so sometimes i let nature wallpapers roll on my computer screen so i can see them at a glance.

-Be with people who love you,it could be your spouse,family,friends,neighbours.The  people or person that have the power to make you smile and put you at ease should be your company.

-Organize your space-There's something about a tidy and organized home.It makes you feel less clustered and you feel lighter.Put things in their right places.It doesn't take wealth or money to do this.No matter how small your space is,finding things easily and not bumping into things definitely makes life more enjoyable.

-Get rid of negative energy-It could be social media,stay off as long as you can.If it's a person please keep your distance.If it's a certain environment you definitely need a breather.

Husband Suggests:
-Cook good food
-Stay in bed all day with your wife (if you have one)
-Watch movies
-Drive out and have fun

lol!! the man mentioned all the things he does that keep him happy.Don't blame him and men don't pay attention to things like this.I think i will do more husband and wife posts like this because my husbands answers will always crack me up.

Thanks for checking in!!

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Summer Glow | Brown Lips

Hi ya!!Happy Saturday.The weather has been gloomy almost all through the week  and i hate rain honestly,makes me feel very moody and just angry but thankfully  it did not rain today so it was the perfect weather for laundry and for photos so i played..I decided on a very summery look and i wanted to work around yellow and then add some of that bronze glow to the whole look.It's almost always summer here in Nigeria anyway except for the occasional rains here and there.
 I love brown lips because they look like a mix of vampy and neutral.I think its a beautiful balance between the two.
 I also did a dramatic wing just to spice up the look a little bit and because i'm bored with my normal liner.

 This brown is perfect to tone down any look and not appear boring at the same time.
 Tell me you see that glow.Very sunkissed..Another reason i did this look was because i wanted to play with my new bronzer which i absolutely love even though it's a tad bit shimmery so i'm still on the hunt for the perfect one.
Mary kay timewise foundation in bronze 5
LA pro conceal in chestnut for highlight
Ben nye topaz powder
Covergirl ebony bronzer
Tara powder palette fr contouring and to set all over face
Milani baked bronzer in glow
Elf mist and set
Bh 120 colour palette 2nd edition
La pride makeup eyeshadow -red
elf liquid liner
bee lashes in 747m
sleek waterproof mascara
Limecrime Salem

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cheechee Cooks: Ofe Akwu /Banga

Howdy lovelies! how are ya'll doing?It's been sooo long i did a cook post so i decided when i get to do the next one it will be something i don't cook often and yes considering i just got the Kenwood food processor that was on my wishlist some time ago i was eager to try it out.It feels good crossing something off your wishlist o..
Ok! so you see this banga i never really ate it as a child,infact i don't recall my mum ever making banga.I got to know about it in secondary school from visiting days when peoples parents will bring them banga and starch and then when i got to uni i ate it  lot.The last time i made banga was about 3 years ago when i was pregnant and assisting my mother in-law.I peeked a little at some recipes and then made mine work with what i had  available.


Palm fruits (2 large cups)
Ground pepper and tomatoes
Dry ground pepper
Banga spice
Curry Leaves (replacement for scent leaves)


                  here,my beef was almost cooked.I seasoned with curry powder,garlic                                                powder,maggi,salt and onions.
 I put my dryfish in hot water and salt so that i could sort it out and that is my plate of ground pepper and tomatoes

                                                          sorted out dryfish

                      curry leaves and onions i threw in to chop after doing my palm fruit.It's                                              the reason they have that colour

                                                   Maggi,salt,crayfish and pepper
     My palm fruit is washed and has been boiled till the back was soft enough to come                                                                        off
                           I  put the already cooked palmfruit into the food processor and turned                              on the speed  and i was just thinking pound for what??..thank God                                                          for this kitchen genius.
                      Although i did this in 3 batches i did not spend more than 5 minutes.                                                                
 I feared the palm fruits will stain the inside of this but it came off very easily,easier than normal bottled palm oil will and i wonder why that is.

                                  Next i put it in a strainer and squeezed the oil out
                                                             The oil i extracted 

I let my meat cook till there was very little stock left in the pot because i was trying to avoid it being watery.

I left the oil i extracted to cook for about 15-20mins to get water out and i did until i got the thickness i wanted.I like times like this because i can clean up and do other things while this is on the fire.

                       This is the part i call dumping time because all i did was put                                                             and put and stir and stir.
    Next i put my ground tomatoes and pepper,i dissolved my ogiri and put it in,maggi,salt,chopped onions,my meat stock,dry fish,crayfish,curry leaves and banga spice which i forgot to take pictures of.*sorry*.
   I  allowed it boil just to reduce any excess water because i wanted it a little bit thicker and the meat stock took that away from it so i had to leave it to boil.

This my dears was the final result...

I had mine with fufu cos i'm tired of rice. :-)
My husband loved it as i haven't cooked banga in our 4 years of marriage.Can you imagine that? I've been dodging the pounding involved.

Any special way you cook yours?Pls share..

PS:This is not banga made by a professional chef so if you have ways that better the taste and appearance please share nicely..*winks*

Thanks for checking in

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