Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Spending Wisely:5 tips on how to save money when buying makeup

Hi guys,so this is a different post from my regulars but anyway I hope you learn something from this post.So first off,this post is not for everyone.Some people are on a strict budget and some are very loaded but still love a good bargain and love to save while there's the group that just doesn't care,they like it-they buy it.If you want to be able to look beautiful and still have money in your pocket this post is for you.
1.Buy Basics: Basics in fashion are important as it is in makeup.There are basic items every girl needs in her makeup purse/collection.
-Foundation(for days you want full coverage/to look very glammed up)
-Concealer (to hide dark spots and blemishes)
-Powder to set you face(compulsory)
-Eyebrow pencil
-Eyeshadow palette(neutral and other colours)-you can get a blush from here
-A basic brush set
Start with this especially if you are a beginner before you go into all the contouring and highlighting 'ish' there is out there.
2.Don't just buy brands:Now because others are buying mac,black up,tom ford etc doesn't mean there are no cheaper products that will give you similar results instead of going broke over high end stuff.I agree "better soup na money kill am" but if the money no dey will you steal? No!! you look for a better buy that won't leave your pocket with a big hole.
Some people are so fixated on names,I have met people who just want mac because its mac not because they know how good it is and they have never even heard of bad experiences but just because they feel if a lipstick goes for N5,000 then all must be well in mac land.There are cheaper brands like elf,la girl,black opal,sleek,mary kay,covergirl,jordana,milani etc and trust me even the top youtubers and bloggers use them.
3.Do your research:Sometimes,you may have less and know of a more expensive product you want.You might feel all hope is lost because you have no idea it exists in "affordable land".In times like this google is your friend.Browse the product from different brands,read reviews,take note of ratings,be sure to look up results from people with similar features as you eg skin colour,skin type,region/country they live in to take weather into consideration etc.If you don't you will never know and you will end up buying and going hungry or just skipping it completely.
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4.Let your products multi-task:Depending on how much cash you have available you should know that an eye pencil can perform the function of a lip pencil,a blush can perform the function of an eyeshadow,a  foundation can perform the function of a concealer,a cream eyeliner can perform the function of a dark eyeshadow base and vice-versa.Make it work,if it doesn't then go ahead and buy.
5.Compare Prices:Do you shop on one site? Are you a faithful customer? Are you being ripped off without your knowledge? Well, you should have a list of online stores you can buy from,compare prices,including shipping costs, make your sum up and buy from the cheaper retailer.Some retailers give freebies when you spend a certain amount,it's 'sweeter' buying  from those.
These are my tips on how you can save money and still buy makeup.
Stay beautiful and live a debt free life..
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Friday, 13 February 2015

Classic Valentine Makeup: Bare eyes,Red Lips.

 Happy Valentines day in advance and arrears!Depending on where you are in the world.I'm not going to start with cliche talk about valentines being a day to show love to not just your spouse,bf or lover but a day where you show love to others in need and blah blah blah!! because im sure ya'll know the drill.I just personally feel it acts as a reminder so that even in our busy schedules we are reminded of a day that is set aside to take out time to make people happy especially those who are not in the best of positions or live the most comfortable life.Anyway,i had this look cooked up in my head long before valentine and honestly i almost missed doing a valentine look because i've had so much on my plate these last few days and so i was lazy.lol! I just couldn't skip it though.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cheechee Cooks: Quick and Tasty Sardine Sauce

  Kedu ndi bem!!(greetings my people)..Im sorry but are you one of those people that thought i was done with food posts? Im not going anywhere with this o!The cheechee cooks segment is still on,im only just lazy many times to take photos or i hardly ever remember.So this particular meal is what i will call an emergency meal.You know those times when you're thinking of what to make for dinner and you come up with some very serious delicacy that requires going to the market especially if you live in an area like mine where things like fish,chicken,beef are not readily available and if its too late to go out you have to stick to cooking with what you can find around.That was how i came up with this sauce.Im a sauce/stew/soup person by the way.
  Im that person that has more soup than swallow,drinks more stew than rice etc..you get?Anyway,this meal is very tasty,very affordable,quick to make and you can still customize to your taste and pocket if you so wish.Lets get into ingredients used.

4 common makeup mistakes Nigerian women make

Hello my people,have i been gone long?..Im still very much around and i have a lot of posts in my draft to complete and publish but anyway i thought id do this post cos my eyes get sour whenever im on the road or go to the mall and im not doing this to mock,im doing this so people who dont know will get it right.Not everyone is going to ever be a makeup guru *life is like that* but i feel like the basics should be done right..
So i just cut this down to 4 because they are the most common..
My take on makeup is not just about being artistic or buying the most expensive products which this might amaze you but some people feel because they can afford to buy all the high end products that it means their makeup should be on serious "fleek".Honey!!noo it doesn't work that way .Understanding your facial features is important,knowing how to play up or tone down those features is a key thing.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Video & Photos: PINKY PURPLE EYE

Hola mis amigos,how are you guys and how has the week been? Im enjoying filming this videos but im so scared of editing and im usually so careful when filming cos i dnt want to have to cut out or add any part.lol! I guess im not ready to learn fully yet..Anyway,i did this look not too long ago and i filmed for you to watch how i achieved the eyes in particular.I don't usually go with pink on my eyes but i thought for a change why not?Hope this tutorial is as easy to follow as i think i made it.

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